• Jonathan Shiek

#MYFoodie On TikTok Shows You All Your Favourite Local Food Content

Malaysia Boleh! TikTok recently launched the #MYFoodie hashtag to allow Malaysians to share their passion for local food, whether it’s educational and informative content, recipes, food hacks, restaurant recommendations and reviews, mukbang and taste tests, and nutritional guides. Time to show the world why Malaysia is one of the top food destinations in the world!

Especially during the pandemic, many restaurants and businesses are slowly closing down, I can see how this TikTok hashtag will help sustain smaller local food businesses. That said, the most popular categories under the #MYFoodie hashtag are home-cooking ideas, food challenges, food recommendations, and food hacks.

Why not create your own videos to inspire other Malaysians to spread their love for local Malaysian food! I would encourage to create more awareness on food businesses that need help to stay afloat, seeing restaurants like Wizards of Tribeca at Jalan Imbi, famous Air Itam Asam Laksa in Penang, and the iconic Coliseum restaurant close down, it really breaks our heart to see them go.

If you’re interested to check out all the Malaysian food related TikTok content, check out #MYFoodie on TikTok!


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