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MyEG Signed A MoU With Singapore-Based Breathonix To Bring Covid-19 Rapid Breath Test To Malaysia

With our Covid-19 cases rising as high as 6.9k daily, there must be some measures to be taken other than tightening the SOPs around the country. Thankfully, My EG Services Bhd (MyEG) just signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SIngapore-based Breathonix Pte Ltd to bring in a Covid-19 rapid breath test system to Malaysia. The MoU was said to expire on 1 July.

The breath test is non-invasive as you won’t need to have swabs up in your nostrils or have any sort of needles through your skin to generate results within 60 seconds! This method is extremely suitable for mass screening in high-traffic locations and it can be administered by any trained personnel without any experience in the medical field.

All you have to do is exhale normally into a disposable one-way valve mouthpiece connected to a breath sampler, and get your results almost instantly.

“The game-changing breathalyzer test has underdone clinical trials at three locations, in particular Singapore and Dubai, conducted from June 2020 to April 2021 and has received provisional authorisation from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority. Breathonix is also working with Singapore’s Ministry of Health for a deployment trial at Tuas Checkpoint, where incoming travelers will be screened alongside the current compulsory antigen rapid test,” said MyEG.

Following this event, MyEG will need to apply for approvals and certifications before the breath tests can be made available in Malaysia. According to Bloomberg, Singapore has already approved the breath test under Breathonix while noting that the company is a National University of Singapore (NUS) spin-off startup.

What do you think about this new method?


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