• Jonathan Shiek

Mydin: People Are Stealing Groceries Like Fish & Vegetables Now Instead Of Electronics

According to Mydin, the chain supermarket said that people resort to stealing basic food products from their stores due to hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Mydin’s managing director, Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin also added in that previously, expensive items like electronics used to be stolen the most.

“Thefts in hypermarkets like Mydin have gone up. People are stealing more. But unfortunately, they are not stealing high-value items,” said Ameer. “Those days, people came and they stole televisions. They steal speakers. They steal high-value items because they want to sell. But now the thieves are stealing ikan kembung (mackerels). It’s sad,” he said.

During a press conference, Ameer who is the co-founder of IU also mentioned that the sales of instant noodles have also went up. “Do you think this is because the people are too lazy to cook? No, it’s because people cannot afford to buy anything else,” he said. Sadly, Ameer pointed out that noodles are the cheapest way to fill your stomach, and we agree that it is very sad.

Following this, Ameer who is also involved in the Bumiputera Retailers’ Association as the president said that Mydin rolled out an initiative to help those in need. They’ve received more than 5,000 request within a day!


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