• Jonathan Shiek

myBurgerLab Encourages Mental Health Awareness By Temporarily Closing All Their Stores

The Covid-19 pandemic has lasted more than a year now, and of course it is slowly eating away at many people’s mental well-being. This includes myBurgerLab, they announced on their official Facebook page that all of their stores will be temporarily closed from 26 to 30 July to raise Mental Health Awareness Red Flag.

In the post, Renyi Chin, the co-founder of myBurgerLab said that their team has been working really hard to keep the business afloat and survive through the pandemic. He continued by thanking everyone for their hard work for pulling through 2020. “We then entered 2021, full of hope and revewed vigor. The team was ready to conquer the new post-Covid world. Or so we thought,” he wrote in the post, while also mentioning that they still continued their efforts to come up with more plans.

“We had meetings, we had plans, we had hopes. However, here we are today, staring at 11k cases, with the National Recovery Plan dictating that no Dine-in will happen until phase 3 and God knows how far away that is,” he added. Renyi also noted that all of the myBurgerLab staff have not taken a break during the 483 days of operation, so this was their chance to finally have a decent break since the pandemic started on 18 March 2020.

Something he wrote that really caught my eye was, “It’s not that we can afford to close. It’s that we can’t afford to lose our people.” This really should be the way employers and companies should value their people, by protecting their physical and mental health. Lastly, Renyi hopes that everyone continues to support myBurgerLab despite the temporary closure.


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