• Jonathan Shiek

Muslim Girl Threatened By School For Not Wearing Shorter Skirt

As we all know, society can be a blessing and at the same time demonizing. Hatred regarding the color of their skin, race, or religion. In the UK, a Muslim girl gets threatened for not complying with the school rules wearing a short skirt. Regardless of skin, race, gender identity, no schools should be allowed to treat their students poorly for their beliefs.

The parents of a Muslim girl who was sent home from school for wearing a skirt that was deemed “too long” are being threatened with legal action.

Siham Hamud, 12, described being bullied for her religious beliefs after being sent home every day in December from Uxbridge High School in Hillingdon, west London. She was told to only come back when she wore a shorter skirt.

The 12 year-old student had been wearing ankle-length skirts to school for years but said she was shocked when teachers told her the attire was an incorrect uniform only last month.


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