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MUDA Offers Legal Assistance To Anyone Sued By Tajuddin Rahman Over LRT Incident

Following the tragic LRT collision accident on the Kelana Jaya line last month, Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was heavily criticised across social media for his lack of professionalism shown during the press conference. There was even a petition calling for his resignation as the chairman of Prasarana, a role he was since removed from as a result of the backlash.

In recent news, Tajuddin finally broke his silence about the incident, saying “I was humiliated nationwide and have been called incompetent, an unworthy figure and a racist.” And now, he is planning to take legal action against those who damaged his reputation.

But thankfully, political party MUDA’s s vice president Lim Wei Jiet has announced that the party is ready to offer pro bono legal assistance to anyone who is being sued by Tajuddin on account of “humiliating and tarnishing” his image regarding the LRT incident.

MUDA Tawar Bantuan Guaman Percuma Kepada Sesiapa Yang Disaman Tajuddin Atas Insiden LRT Tajuddin Rahman berkata beliau akan mengambil tindakan terhadap pihak yang "memalukan dan menjatuhkan reputasi" beliau berhubung insiden kemalangan tren LRT laluan Kelana Jaya pada Mei lalu. — Lim Wei Jiet 🇲🇾 (@limweijiet) June 13, 2021

“MUDA upholds and adheres to the freedom of speech. The public should not be dragged into court simply for criticising a public official or politician,” tweeted Lim.

If you require legal assistance regarding this matter, you can contact MUDA at


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