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Msians Divided Over Verdict Of Woman Involved In Johor Accident That Killed 8 Teens

4 years ago, a saleswoman was charged on reckless driving, killing 8 teenagers riding "basikal lajaks". Based on a report by Utusan on 10 October, the Magistrate's Court made the decision to free her of the charges as the Magistrate Siti Hajar Ali ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove reasonable doubts against the accused at the end of the defence case, and the evidence given by the accused was reasonable.

Previously, the accused was also released and acquitted by the Magistrate's Court without being called to defend herself as the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case by the end of the prosecution.

Many backed the 26-year-old saleswoman based on facts from the case:

  • Investigations showed the lady was NOT intoxicated, playing her phone, nor on drugs.

  • The accident took place at a dark hilly road, her sight was obstructed by multiple corners, making her unable to predict the teenagers' presence.

  • The dangerous situation was created by the teenagers themselves at 3am.

Most netizens backed her up while blaming the teenagers' parents for allowing their kids to ride their mosquito bikes late at night. “Indeed necessary to be released, she wasn’t drunk or driving against traffic. These kids were at fault for riding their mosquito bikes so late at night. Their parents should be held responsible for giving them so much freedom,” a comment reads.

On the flip side, other netizens are furious that the saleswoman is released from charges and demand justice. “She hit other road users who have rights on the road. Eight people died and she’s freed just like that. Justice for the families of the deceased,” someone commented.

What do you think about this case?


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