• Jonathan Shiek

Msian Researcher Discovered An Extremely Rare Flower In Terengganu, Malaysia

Malaysia is the home to many rare and unique flowers and plants, and now added to the list is an extremely-rare flower identified as a “fairy lantern” plant, scientifically grouped in the extremely-rare genus Thismia. A Malaysian photographer and independent researcher found the plant growing along a tourist track in Hulu Nerus Forest Reserve back in 2019.

The researcher named Suzairi Zakaria, also known as Dome Nikong collaborated with Dr. Chris Thorgood from the university and Dr. Siti-Munirah Mat from the Forest Research Institute Malaysia to analyse the “fairy lantern” plant. The plant was then named Thismia Sitimeriamiae, after Dome Nikong’s mother Siti Meriam. Oxford University even labelled it “among the most extraordinary-looking of all flowering plants”.

“I feel so happy to be able to name this new plant in honor of my mother,” Dome Nikong said. “She was very touched when she found out.”

The Thismia Sitimeriamiae was noted to have unique characteristics such as an orange, lantern-like flower with pillars supporting an umbrella-like structure called a “mitre”. The mitre is still very much a mysteral, and the plant’s overall architecture has raised questions about how the flower gets pollinated.


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