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Msian Hip-Hop Show, "16 Baris" Was Shouted Out On IG By Rap Legend Snoop Dog

One of Malaysia's very own hip-hop series "16 Baris" on YouTube recently caught the attention of rap legend, Snoop Dogg. The YouTube show was created by Malaysian hip-hop artist, Joe Flizzow in an effort to foster the rap scene in Southeast Asia by bringing in undiscovered talents from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Credit: snoopdogg Instagram

The hip-hop series have mainly been shot in a barbershop owned by Joe himself, located in Subang Jaya. The unsigned rappers will be invited to the barbershop to freestyle in a cypher and spit 16 bars to show off their talent.

The popularity of the show gained a lot of attention across the world, having spin-offs made in locales like Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Surprisingly, the show even managed to catch the attention of iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg! On 15 September, Snoop shouted out the show's profile and linked an old segment of the show on his Instagram Story, captioned "dope show with unsigned international rappers".

Shortly after, Joe Flizzow uploaded a teaser on his IG story of a conference call happening that involved himself, a few other leading members of DefJam Southeast Asia, and Snoop Dogg. In another separate story, Joe thanked Snoop for giving the show a seal of approval, and called the shout out the "ultimate co-sign".

Credit: flizzow Instagram

While we're not sure what the conference call was about, this news got the local hip-hop industry and fans buzzing. Thanks to Snoop's shout out, 16 Baris's episode linked by Snoop Dogg immediately blew up with commenters saying they were led there by the rap legend.


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