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Msian Government Might Consider Interstate Travel For Fully Vaxxed Long-Distance Couples And Familie

The Malaysian government may soon allow fully vaccinated long-distance couples and families to interstate travel for reuniting purposes. Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri hinted on this when he brought up to the National Security Council, “As a father, I realize how important the institution of the family is to human beings. Even for safety reasons, a mother or father should not be forced to be separated from their children for too long. Especially if the parents have already received two doses of the vaccine.”

Apparently, Ismail Sabri has been bringing up this issue during the NSC meeting for relaxation to be considered for fully vaccinated people. While some people are glad to hear this news, there are many who are worried that it will cause more Covid-19 clusters across the country, causing another wave of lockdown. If you are fully vaccinated, would you consider travelling to reunite with your partner or family?

Here is the full Facebook post by the Deputy Prime Minister:

What do you think about relaxing the rules for interstate travelling?


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