• Jonathan Shiek

MSI Shenzhen Robbery: Fast & Furious in Real Life?!

We all remember how Dominic Torento led a team in the Fast & Furious series where to break into places, steal safes and vrooooooom get away right? Well apparently some people managed to apply what they learned from the Fast and Furious series. 

Around $340,000 worth of GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs were stolen from MSI Shenzhen, according to Tom’s Hardware. MSI reviewed surveillance footage and believed that the thieves are company “insiders”.

MSI Chinese mainland factory was stolen, stolen 40 boxes RTX3090, the total value of 2200000RMB ……😓 MSI has been officially announced and informed to the police ,Reward of 100000 RMB for reporting effective information. — 夕惕若厉 (@GoFlying8) December 7, 2020

On the PS5 side of things, a maneuver The Times refers to as a “rollover”, the thieves sandwich the lorry carrying the precious goodies by driving a car in the front and back of the truck forcing it to slow down.

Well guys no matter how much we want all these scare goodies, don’t go and steal okay?

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