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MSCHF has created “Birkinstock” Which Are Birkenstocks Made From Destroyed Hermès Birkin

MSCHF, creators of some of the most ludicrous items available for purchase has one-upped themselves with their latest creation – the Birkinstock! The Birkinstock is fashioned from torn down Hermès Birkin bags (yes I know… the audacity) and the price ranges from anywhere in-between US$24,000  – US$71,000 depending on the type and material of Birkin bag torn down for the sandals.


This isn’t MSCHF’s first rodeo of course. This company operating out of Brooklyn has been known for creating all sorts of ‘interesting’ items such as a ‘Toaster-Shaped Bath Bomb’, ‘Astrology-Based Stock Trading App’ and of course the viral: ‘Jesus Shoes‘. To get a better idea on what you should expect from MSCHF, the ‘Jesus Shoe’ uses a Nike Air Max 97 as the base and fills up its midsole  with 60cc of Holy Water taken from the River Jordan.


Image: CBSNews

Oh but it doesn’t stop there. The ‘Jesus’ shoe also comes with a seal that is modified from the official Papal Seal along with a crucifix on the shoelaces and an inscription of Matthew 14:25 on the toe box.

In an interview conducted by Business Insider back in 2020, CEO of MSCHF, Gabriel Whaley stated that the company runs on ‘structured chaos’. Further adding that no project is out of the question…so long as the employees can find a way and the resources to make it happen.

Based on the article so far, you my think that MSCHF operates as a high-end fashion retailer. But that would be far from the case. When pressed with the question of characterizing his company, even Whaley found it difficult as they offer literally anything and everything.

If you are keen on picking up a pair for yourself, then here is where you may find it, but do make haste as they often sell out rather fast. (yes people actually buy these items) and if you want to browse all their wares, here is where you can see all of them.


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