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MR.DIY Has Propelled Their E-Commerce Services Into the Future

Robots running a warehouse all by themselves? Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? Well not for MR.DIY! That’s because Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer has launched their very own, robotic e-commerce warehouse.

In a bid to keep up with the trends of the modern shopper, MR.DIY had already begun planning and constructing the warehouse back in 2019. The warehouse is 65,000 square feet and it employs a number of programmable robots to boost e-commerce efficiency.

Credits: SoyaCincau

According to their statistics, the use of these robots will allow them to process online orders at triple the speeds when compared with their old system. Not only that, they also calculated their operational efficiency after shifting to the fully robotic system which resulted in a 200% increase (wow).

The robots that MR.DIY has employed can easily be mistaken for an oversized ‘Roomba’ but don’t let their appearance  fool you. These bad boys can do so much more, such as transporting products sorting them, and labelling them which reduces human error completely.

Credits: SoyaCincau

In order to do so, the robots has special shelves which allows them to drive under and carry them up bringing an entire shelves full of products waiting to be sorted. This saves employees a LOT of time because without the robots, the human workers will have to go all over the warehouse finding the products.

Credits: SoyaCincau

If you want to learn more about MR.DIY and their exploits, you can always check them out on their official website or on their ecommerce platform.


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