• Jonathan Shiek

Most Popular Wikipedia Pages Of 2020

Usually, when I’m browsing the internet finding resources I need, Wikipedia would always be the first to pop up in my mind. For instance, we all know most people would probably google their celebrity crushes to find out their “before and after”. Boom! Wikipedia pops up, now they finally found some backstory of their past. 2020 is coming to an end. Forget celebrities, the most popular page featured on Wikipedia is politics & Global Pandemic. Don’t be surprised by all the commotions that happened this year. Here is the list

COVID-19 pandemic, 83,040,504

Donald Trump, 55,472,791

Deaths in 2020, 42,262,147*

Kamala Harris, 38,319,706

Joe Biden, 34,281,120

Coronavirus, 32,957,565

Kobe Bryant, 32,863,656

COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory, 28,575,982

2020 United States presidential election, 24,313,110

Elizabeth II, 24,147,675

Spanish flu, 22,239,766

Elon Musk, 21,459,625

2016 United States presidential election, 21,240,023

Michael Jordan, 20,745,473

Coronavirus disease 2019, 20,492,847

COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, 19,266,908

Sushant Singh Rajput, 18,631,858

COVID-19 pandemic in India, 18,598,599

QAnon, 18,070,938

Parasite (2019 film), 17,539,085

Chadwick Boseman, 17,060,572

United States, 16,959,947

YouTube, 15,044,125

United States Electoral College, 14,819,264

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, 14,763,684


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