• Jonathan Shiek

More Than 1,000 Unemployed And Starving In Sibu Due To MCO

According to Sarawak Dayak National Union Sibu Branch Chairman, Chambai Lindong mentioned that there are over 1,000 people in Sibu struggling to get food aid after losing their jobs or income due to the closure of their work sectors from the MCO since 16 January. Rural areas were affected the most such as those working as general labourers, cooks and helpers at coffee shops, restaurants, bistros, helpers at hair salons, electricians and welders, lorry drivers and attendants, shop assistants, security guards, and cleaners.

Since 26 January, these unemployed workers have been trying to submit their names through the SDNU Sibu branch to apply for food aid but many have yet to receive the “Sarawakku Sayang” assistance. About 1,000 names were submitted to the Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee via the Sibu District Office to coordinate the distribution of food aid but more names keep getting submitted.

Many people will suffer starvation after their savings deplete, our hopes are for the disaster committee to send out food aid ASAP before the situation escalates any further.


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