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Money Bouquets Are a TERRIBLE Idea

I have always said they were a bad and tasteless idea and now I finally have proof!

In a Facebook post yesterday, a woman gave Malaysians conclusive and undeniable evidence that money bouquets are indeed a horrible idea.

To those of you who are wondering what money bouquets are, allow me to clarify. They are basically a standard bouquet with the flowers replaced with money that has been folded to look just like roses or any other flower.

So back to the story at hand. The woman started her post by warning people to remove the money from the bouquet immediately or as soon as possible once you get it.

In her post, she shared a few pics of her crumpled and slightly torn RM100 notes.

Credits: Jovion Ng (Facebook)

The woman claims in her post that she has had the bouquet since December and has not touched it since. However, on the day of the post, she decided to take it apart and to her dismay, she was greeted with damaged bank notes.

According to woman, “As a person with little patience, the process of carefully removing the bank notes infuriated me a lot.”

Apparently the individual who assembled the bouquet used hot glue to hold the design together and it wasn’t just a small amount (seriously…?). Turns out, the notes were covered in hot glue.

Credits: Jovion Ng (Facebook)

The woman then added her own opinion on the matter saying that “men who want to gift a money bouquet to women, my personal advice is to either use another folding method or just give the money straight away.” She then added, “It is either you gift real flowers or you gift money. Don’t trouble yourself.”

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments she shared. Honestly trends like these are hardly worth the effort or the money, after all money bouquets are a trend simply because of Instagram but once you have shared the pic on your story or whatever, what’s the point of it at all?

What do you think? Are money bouquets worth all the clout?


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