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MOH Revealed COVIDNow Portal That Provides More Detailed Covid-19 Data

Credit: New Straits Times

Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin just revealed the new COVIDNow portal which will provide more detailed COvid-19 information. While the portal is already up and running as, it will be providing more data on top of the current Github.

The Ministry of Health will provide data for Covid-19 fatalities including time and date of death, age, vaccination status, and comorbidities. On top of that, more detailed information like number of individuals under home quarantine, in hospital, and in ICU for every state will also be provided on the portal. According to MOH, the COVIDNow Portal will be updated daily at midnight.

Credit: MyVaccineCount Twitter

To address concerns of Covid-19 vaccine side effects, the portal will also be providing data for Adverse Effects Following Immunisation (AEFI) according to vaccine type. You’ll be able to filter data for each category by state and duration, and it is also available in both English and Malay.

The COVIDNow portal was actually developed by a team of volunteers that worked closely with the MOH. One of the team members, Henry Lim, is the person behind MyVaccineCount on Twitter. While Henry is in charge of the front-end web development, Calum Lim is responsible for the design, Sheng Han Lim and Roshen Maghhan are handling the back-end development.

Henry also clarified that the site was done voluntarily and that the team did not want to be paid for the project. Kudos to the team behind the portal!


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