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MOE Allegedly Issued A Circular To Prohibit Period Spot Checks At All Schools

Credit: The Straits Times

As many stories of school period spot checks have surfaced and been reported, the Ministry of Education allegedly sent our a circular that requests all schools under the ministry to stop period spot checks. A screenshot of the document was apparently shared across social media platforms, and we're hoping it's real.

“The ministry has discovered that there were period spot checks happening in schools under MOE. We are taking this matter seriously and we would like to reiterate that period spot check should NOT be happening in schools under MOE,” read the document.

Credit: World of Buzz

“In relation to that, all state education departments (JPN) and district education offices (PPD) need to make sure that there will be no period spot checks happening in educational institutions under the ministry. It is said that JPN and PPD should always be sensitive and should monitor the institutions continue to make sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future,” the circular continued.

We're still not sure whether it is an official circular issued by MOE. Hopefully they clarify this soon! What do you think about schools that allow period spot checks?


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