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Miri Lock-up Rape Case Sees 11 Cops Facing Punishment

Eleven police officers will be facing disciplinary action for failure or negligence of duty at work after an underage girl reported that she was raped in the Miri central police station lock-up last month.

The incident happened in early January when a 16-year-old girl got detained by the police during a gambling raid. While in lockup, the minor alleged that she was raped by a fellow male detainee in the toilet of a lock-up cell at the police station.

Two police reports were made on this incident, with the first being from a police officer while the second report came from the victim herself. Since then, a 19-year-old male who was identified as the perpetrator had been charged under Section 376(1) of the Penal Code.

The two police officers who were supposed to be responsible for guarding the lock-up cell were also charged under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001 and have been suspended from work since 14 January. However, both policemen pleaded not guilty on 9 February.

Speaking on this issue in a statement yesterday, Bukit Aman Integrity and Standards Compliance Department director, Datuk Zamri Yahya said that the disciplinary action imposed on the 11 negligent police officers would involve demotion or dismissal.

Zamri also assured that the investigation papers for both cases have been opened and referred to the deputy public prosecutor for further action.


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