• Jonathan Shiek

Ministry Of Health: Children Aged 12-17 Can Now Receive Pfizer Vaccination

Good news! The Malaysian Health Ministry just approved of the use of Pfizer vaccines for children aged 12 to 17! Although this will not be happening right away, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said that children below 18 years old will be vaccinated under Phase 5 which could start sometime in August this year.

The MoH believes that the vaccines should be prioritised for the high-risk groups which is in accordance to the National Immunisation Programme. Currently, the National Immunisation Programme is still running at Phase 2 which covers senior citizens, people with chronic diseases, and people with disability. That said, we will be moving into Phase 4 this week, which covers employees that are under crucial manufacturing sectors.

Another good news, the MoH also approved of 2 single dose vaccines in Malaysia, including Convidecia Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine from CanSino Bio of China and Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine by Johnson & Johnson. Malaysia managed to obtain a total of 3.5 million doses of CanSino Bio vaccines which can cover 10% of our population. As for the J&J vaccines, there are no mentions on the number of doses and delivery schedule.


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