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Miley Cyrus Writes Love Letter To Thank Hannah Montana After 15 Years Together

Those who grew up watching Hannah Montana would probably understand the excitement I feel right now after reading the heartfelt love letter Miley Cyrus wrote for Hannah Montana yesterday on the show’s 15th anniversary.

Dear @HannahMontana, I still love you 15 years later. #HMForever — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) March 24, 2021

For the uninitiated, Hannah Montana was a Disney channel sitcom starring Cyrus as normal 14-year-old girl-next-door Miley Stewart who lives a double life as famous pop star Hannah Montana by using a blonde wig to disguise her superstar identity.

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The show launched Cyrus into the limelight at a young age but this also meant that with everything she does, people would always associate her with Hannah Montana, which can be frustrating for a budding musician trying to make her own name in the industry.

Which explains why Cyrus used to openly express her dislike towards the show and how much she wanted to leave her character behind. But just as Hannah Montana once sang “You can say goodbye and you can say hello, but you’ll always find your way back home”, Cyrus has finally found her way back home to Hannah after all these years.

In her letter, Cyrus recounted her journey and memories growing up on the show, experiencing everything from the loss of her grandfather, falling in love for the first time, getting her first period on set while on the same day a ‘cute guy’ that was a cast asked her out – oh those awkward years!

Cyrus also thanked her mum who used to drive her out of town for auditions, her family who supported her career by moving across country, the entire Disney crew and cast members which include her costars-turned-friends/family Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, and Jason Earles.

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Most importantly, Cyrus addressed one very important person: “Hannah, I hope you hear me and believe those words are true. You have all my love and utmost gratitude. Breathing life into you for those six years was an honor. I am indebted not only to you, Hannah, but to any and everyone who believed in me from the beginning. You all have my loyalty and deepest appreciation until the end. With all sincerity, I say, thank you!”

And guess who replied?! Now excuse me while I go dry my eyes and watch another rerun of Hannah Montana.

Nice to hear from you @MileyCyrus. It’s only been a decade. — Hannah Montana (@hannahmontana) March 24, 2021


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