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METMalaysia: Heavy Rain And Floods Soon To Hit Malaysia From November Till January

Credit: Bloomberg

Heads up! According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) predicted heavy rain and flood to occur from November until January next year. So, get ready your umbrellas!

The director-general of METMalaysia, Muhammad Helmi Abdullah said that 4 to 6 episodes of heavy rain may take place during the Northeast Monsoon period, which is predicted to last from early November till March 2022. "There will be episodes of heavy rainfall in Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang from November till December. Meanwhile, from December until January next year, heavy rain is expected to be more prevalent in Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak." he said.

However, it was said that most of the heavy rain during the Northeast Monsoon is expected to occur during November and December on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. If you live in Kelantan or Terengganu, do note that these states are expected to have higher than average rainfall of between 450mm and 1,000mm during those 2 months.

"Generally, all states in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak are expected to get an average level of rainfall from January to March 2022. However, the interiors and the west coast of Sarawak, as well as eastern Sabah, are expected to receive above-average rainfall in January, namely between 350mm and 950mm," he added.

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