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Men Are at Risk of Breast Cancer as Well

Breast cancer certainly needs no introduction as it has been taking lives and destroying families well over a century now. Now It is scientifically proven that women have higher tendencies to develop breast cancer, but did you know that men are also at risk of developing it?

This is because men also have breast tissue which can develop breast cancer. Up until puberty, both boys and girls have a small amount of breast tissue located around the nipple and the areola. As they hit puberty however, girls and women’s estrogen production in their body grows thus developing the breast tissue but for boys and men, even after puberty, they should normally have low levels of female hormones, and their breast tissue doesn’t grow much.

That said, in the rare cases that men do have excess estrogen in their system for reasons such as poor diet choices or simple genetics, men will develop gynecomastia (man boobs). This in turn develops the breast tissue in men leading to a higher risk of breast cancer.

Credits: Ultimo Clinic

Male breast cancer usually develops in older men but that doesn’t necessarily mean young men are in the clear as it has been proven to occur at any age. Therefore, it is advisable that you do get yourself checked up every now and then as an early diagnosis could potentially save your life.

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