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Melaka’s Oceanarium May Need To Auction Their Aquatic Species Soon Due To Losses

Just a few weeks ago we saw the news about several zoos in Thailand that were forced to sell their animals for funds, but sadly the same thing is happening close to home as well. The Shore Oceanarium in Melaka has announced that they may be auctioning RM1 million worth of aquatic collections to private aquariums due to the heavy losses they’ve incurred since last year’s MCO in March.

According to its CEO Datuk Chew Chert Fong, The Shore Oceanarium can no longer cope with their RM4 million losses. Not to mention, the cost for fish feed amounts to RM10,000 every month and on top of that, the company also has to pay thousands of ringgit for maintenance fees and employee’s salaries.

Even after introducing lay-offs and pay cuts this year, the business is struggling to stay afloat with their remaining cash reserves. As a worst case scenario, Chew said the oceanarium may have to hold a public auction for over 100 of their aquatic species by the end of this year if the business remains closed.

That’s not all, Chew also revealed that because the aquatic lives have been accustomed to having social interaction with humans, the absence of visitors at the oceanarium means that workers would need to show up at work to engage with the fishes to keep them company – Awww.

Hopefully, this pandemic and lockdown would show signs of improvement soon so the marine animals can remain at their own home, but if they really need to be auctioned off, I really hope their new owner takes good care of them.


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