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Meet Rozy, South Korea's 22-Yr-Old Virtual Influencer Made With AI Technology

Imagine liking a pretty girl's selfie on Instagram only to realise she's not human. Don't worry, this isn't a horror story. It's just proof of how far technology has come that we're not living in an age where virtual humans are an actual thing.

At first glance, Rozy looks every bit like an ordinary girl, except she is actually a virtual influencer made by South Korea content-creation group Sidus Studio X, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

While she may look similar to some of the influencers we're used to seeing online, Baek assured that no specific person was used to model Rozy’s looks. But unlike regular influencers, Rozy will forever maintain her current appearance at the youthful age of 22.

Since she was brought to this world in December last year, Rozy has gained over 65,000 followers on Instagram. According to Sidus Studio X’s CEO Baek Seung-yeop, Rozy has helped the company land eight exclusive contracts and over 100 sponsorships.

Although the company hasn't been able to process all the sponsorships, they've already managed to achieve their profit goal with Rozy. In fact, it's believed that the virtual influencer will be able to make more than one billion South Korean won (RM3.5 million) by the end of the year!


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