• Jonathan Shiek

MCO Violations Can Now Cost You RM10,000

As of 11 March, any individual caught violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that has been in effect to prevent and control the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus can be fined up to RM10,000.

This is in accordance to the Emergency (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021, which was uploaded in the Official Portal of the Attorney General’s Chambers today.

The ordinance also states that companies and corporations that violate the SOPs can be fined up to RM50,000. The 18-provision ordinance, which was in effect since 11 January, also goes on to state that any person who commits an offence under the Act “for which no penalty is expressly provided” may be fined up to RM100,000 or imprisoned for a maximum of seven years.

Furthermore, it also states that authorities in charge of containing and preventing the spread of the virus may order COVID-19 patients or those who have had close contact with COVID patients to wear tracking devices such as wristbands or any other device provided by an authorised officer.

Once provided with said device, any individual who damages, removes or alters the tracking device will be considered as an offender and thus susceptible to a fine or charged in court.


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