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McDonalds Has Redesigned The Packaging For All of Their Items and They Look Simply Stunning

In a bold move, McDonalds has finally decided to redesign their food packaging for the new decade. It is likely that you will get a chance to see these new designs on all your favorite fares very soon at your nearest McDonalds outlet.

The fast food powerhouse collaborated with creative marketing agency Pearlfisher to create these  new, colorful, and vibrant designs.

Credits: Pearlfish

Pearlfish stated “From the cool blue waves on the Filet-O-Fish clamshell to the golden, melting cheese on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the packaging makes for an expressive, visual system. Each wrapper, clamshell and pack is identifiable, joyful and simple,” which clearly reflects on the final product based on these pictures.

Credits: Pearlfish

Credits: Pearlfish

Pearlfish intended for the packaging to be recognizable and to invoke a sense of comfort when you order your meals at any McDonalds outlet regardless of which country you’re in. They took into consideration the elements that gave McDonalds its brand identity along with a feel-good vibe that should work around the world. No matter the region or language.

The project was initiated as early as 2016 with the goal of keeping McDonalds fresh and relevant to the ever-changing landscape. That said, rumors suggest that the next change we may see from McDonalds will be a slogan change as the current slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” has been in use since 2003.

With the new outlet at Cameron Highlands opening and now the new packaging designs? Gosh… McDonalds sure knows how to create a buzz for themselves.


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