• Jonathan Shiek

Mcdonald’s Spicy Chicken Apple Burger, Weird Or Genius?

McDonald’s is back with its weird combination of ingredients! Previously reported to have created a “Spam and Oreo” burger in China, McDonald’s Malaysia created a weird combination between apples and spicy fried chicken. Adding that apple into your burger isn’t going to keep the doctors away.

There are 2 variations of the recently released Spicy Chicken Apple Burger, you can either get it with a single spicy chicken patty or double the patty. The burger seems to be a little pricey, costing RM14.51 for the a-la-carte single patty and RM20.17 for the a-la-carte double patty. According to foodies that tried the new burger, it basically tastes like the regular Spicy Chicken McDeluxe but with the exception of apples and a black pepper mayo sauce.

Is it worth the hype? Try it out for yourself  and let us know what you think!

Wtf is the new McDonald's chicken burger with spicy apple slices?? Who thought that's such a good idea. — Ender (@dxinsleif) February 4, 2021


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