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McDonald's China Introduces Coriander Sundae For Coriander Lovers

Coriander has been a debated subject for many years now, you'll either hate it or love it. McDonald's China decided to add the widely discussed flavour into their sundae for a limited period of time.

The coriander sundae is priced at 6.6 Chinese yuan, which amounts to RM4.37. “Coriander gang, raise up your hands, the sweet and fresh coriander sundae has arrived,” says McDonald’s China in a Xiaohongshu statement.

According to the visuals from Xiaohongshu, the peculiar sundae is topped with green lime sauce and sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves, making it sweet and sour, with a bit of fresh fragrance. The coriander sundae does look pretty appealing, but we'll never know how it tastes.

Would you try the coriander sundae if we had it at our local McDonald's?


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