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McD Malaysia Will Take Legal Action Against Those Who Accused Them Of Giving Aid To Israel

Although the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine is a humanitarian crisis that’s happening far away from home, Malaysians remain vocal about showing solidarity with Palestine by boycotting businesses that are allegedly channeling aid to Israel.

You may have even come across a viral WhatsApp message calling for the boycott of McDonald’s Malaysia for providing aid to Israel. Well, the company has finally come forward to clear the air about the situation and deny these slanderous accusations.

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“McDonald’s Malaysia is aware of the existence of a viral WhatsApp message regarding a boycott call on our brand. McDonald’s Malaysia wishes to clarify that the boycott is unsubstantiated and the statement about our brand channelling assistance to Israel is a blatant lie and slanderous,” said the company’s managing director and local operating partner Azmir Jaafar.

Azmir added that since 2017, McDonald’s Malaysia (Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd) has been fully acquired by Saudi Arabia’s Reza Group along with a local business partner, so the company’s equity is fully owned by Muslims.

He also stressed that Mcdonald’s Malaysia does not contribute, support or get involved in any political or religious conflicts in any country.

This is not the first time the local company has been boycotted by Malaysians. In fact, McDonald’s Malaysia had already explained the issue back then, in which their statement was later shared to the public and published in mainstream media.

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But this time, McDonald’s Malaysia says it will not hesitate to take legal action in order to protect its rights and interests, as well as the well-being of local employees. The company also added that they had lodged a police report against those who made the false claims and shared misinformation to call for the boycott.

So let this be a lesson for everyone, to always check your claims and sources before spreading false news about anyone, especially if it will cause damage to an innocent person’s reputation.


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