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McD Indonesia Urged To Stop Selling BTS Meal After Forming Crowds Of Delivery Riders At Outlets

And we thought the Malaysia ARMY had it bad when the McDonald’s BTS Meal was released here. Well think again, Jakarta Metro Police suggested McDonalds to put a halt on the BTS Meal promo for now because it caused overcrowding of delivery riders outside the fast food outlets.

Naturally, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are stuck at home, following strict Covid-19 measures so they are forced to stick to food delivery instead. That said, it backfired at McDonald’s, the management had to apologise to authorities for the unexpected crowd of delivery riders waiting for their customers’ orders.

Credit: The Jakarta Post

“We suggested McDonald’s management yesterday so the BTS Meal promo is discontinued for now. We can’t have crowds like this anymore,” Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Yusri Yunus told reporters. Just like us, Indonesia isn’t doing too well with the Covid-19 infection rate so the constant crowding is a very big concern for the authorities.

Because of the BTS Meal, 20 McDonald’s outlets in Jakarta was forced to close while several others were given warnings. According to a statement released by McDonald’s Indonesia spokesperson Sutji Lantyka, “To anticipate the queues of drive-thru and delivery purchases, we are implementing open-close orders on the order platforms. If we’re swamped with orders, we’ll close the outlets on the food delivery platforms and we’ll open them again once the orders dwindle down.”

Even though there were no mentions of McDonald’s removing the K-pop group’s meal, reports say the limited-time meal is no where to be found.


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