• Jonathan Shiek

MaskFone Is A Face Mask With A Built-in Wireless Headset, For Maximum Introvert Experience

We all know how exciting life has been post-pandemic era – trips to the grocers and just a short drive round the bend to dump your apartment trash has been nothing short of adventure.

Which is why fancy Covid paraphernalia like this face mask built-in with wireless headset to complete those exhilarating short trips are deemed not only necessary, but pretty damn essential.

A CES 2021 innovation honoree, the MaskFone is not a clickbait-y gag like the ones we get tricked on Buzzfeed, but it’s an actual face mask nobody asked for, that is honestly pretty cool. It’s basically a Bluetooth headset and earbuds sewn into a luxurious mask with a five-layer filtration system. Oy.

The built-in earbuds will last about eight hours before needing to be charged, and they can withstand sweat, water, and rain. They connect wirelessly to your phone and even offer one-touch voice-activation for Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. AND, they come with three sizes of ear gels and ear stabilizers, so you can have the most comfortable fit possible.

The mask itself is made of water-resistant, breathable, and washable cotton and scuba material. It has a pocket for PM2.5 filters and comes with three. There are control buttons on the side for easy answering and listening.

Watch the video and prepare to be blown:

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