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March Kpop Comebacks To Look Forward To

Super Junior

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One of the most anticipated March comebacks is Super Junior’s 10th album! There were teasers on the concept posters “House Party”, and fans are so excited! The album will be called “The Renaissance”, which features a dark trap kind of concept, while House Party features bright colours to go in-line with the title. There will be 10 songs in total including “The Melody,” “Raining Spell for Love (Remake ver.),” “Burn The Floor,” and “Tell Me Baby.” The album is set to be released on 16 March.


Also another very popular favourite, BLACKPINK! The much anticipated solo, “Gone” by lead singer Rosé! The teaser poster was just released this morning, giving off the same vibes as the teaser music video that was released 25 January 2021. The solo is set to be released 12 March, so hang tight to your seats, as we experience another successful solo from the group, just like Jennie’s SOLO! Here is the teaser music video if you haven’t already seen it:

November 12 March 12 — 13 Chaennie Warriors (@13chnwar) March 1, 2021


Despite the recent Spotify feud with Kakao, fans were extremely annoyed not having IU in their playlists anymore. Good news, IU will still be releasing her 5th album this month! There were 2 teasers released on Twitter from the artist’s official page, 1 called “Hilac” and the other “Bylac”:

IU 5th Album Objet Teaser ‘HILAC’ 2021.03#아이유 #IU #HILAC — 아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) March 1, 2021
IU 5th Album Objet Teaser ‘BYLAC’ 2021.03 Coming Soon#아이유 #IU #BYLAC — 아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) February 25, 2021


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Another one from the “NuNu NaNa” Kpop artist, Jessi makes a comeback on 17 March! We don’t have a lot of details to release except for the comeback date, but we are extremely excited to see what Jessi will be coming up with after last year’s success!


Another legendary Kpop artist will be making his comeback in March! RAIN IS BACK! He will be releasing a mini album TOMORROW (3/3), which is called “PIECES by Rain”. The album will feature the amazing Chungha with the track title “WHY DON’T WE”. We are excited to see this collaboration happen right before our eyes!

Which of these are you looking forward to the most?


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