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Man Rushed To The Hospital For Surgery After Swallowing A Nokia Phone

Nokia phones are known to be sturdy and durable, but a 33-year-old man from Pristina, Kosovo decided that the Nokia 3310 is so small that he would try swallowing it whole. We don’t know why he did it, but it definitely did not end well.

According to reports, the phone he swallowed was a Nokia 3310, but there were netizens claiming that it is an L8STAR BM90, which looks pretty similar. After swallowing the phone, the man started experiencing pain in his stomach and was rushed to the hospital. Unsurprisingly, doctors revealed that the phone was “too large for him to digest”.

Credit: World of Buzz

One of the biggest concerns about having a phone in the stomach was the battery, as it contains harmful chemicals and could explode. “I got a call about a patient who swallowed an object, and after carrying out a scan we noticed that the phone had split into three parts,” Dr Skender Telaku said.

Dr Skender Telaku revealed the X-ray and endoscope images of the phone in the stomach. He also spent 2 hours removing the phone by taking it out in 3 pieces. Thankfully, he said the surgery went well and that there were no complications.


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