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Man Posts Video Online To Offer RM500 In Exchange For Delivery Rider To Return His Stolen Necklace

A young motorcycle shop owner in Rawang, Selangor recently uploaded a 14-minute long Facebook video in a desperate attempt to reach out to an unnamed delivery rider who allegedly stole his pendant necklace in a snatch theft incident.

The incident happened when the man was traveling to work at 11.20am on 14 August (Saturday) at one of the traffic lights around Taman Tun Teja. Although a few road users who witnessed the scene tried to help the man by chasing after the snatcher, their attempt was unsuccessful.

“I chased after him crying. I cried because the locket contains memories of me with my sister. After she got married, she left our house. She gave me the pendant, and told me to keep it as a token of remembrance,” said the man who was on the verge of crying.

The man even went back to the scene to get some CCTV footage from the premises in the area, but sadly, he wasn’t able to trace the vehicle’s number plate. Out of solutions, the man decided to share his video on Facebook in hopes that he can reach the snatcher and convince the culprit to return his belonging.

Despite being the victim, the man was sympathetic to the snatcher, reasoning that “maybe (he stole the locket) due to his current situation, like his child might be sick because of this pandemic season. Everyone’s having a hard time, everyone’s struggling financially. Or maybe this rider is facing financial problems. I can’t blame him.”

The kind man even offered to give the snatcher RM500 if the latter is really in need of financial help, all he asks for in return is his beloved pendant necklace. The man also promises that he wouldn’t report the snatcher to the authorities if he chooses to return the necklace, all he hopes is that the culprit will learn from his mistakes.


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