• Jonathan Shiek

Man On The Run Arrested On Pursuit Thanks To A Herd Of Cows

Imagine you’re a fugitive on the run trying to shake off the police, and you’ve actually managed to pull it off, only to get busted eventually because of a herd of cows?! Unfortunately for this man in Wisconsin, USA, that’s exactly what he experienced.

The incident, which happened around Tuesday midnight, was believed to have happened due to a registration violation. According to the USA Today, the Barron City Police Department, along with the help of the Barron County Sheriff’s Department had been pursuing the suspect for about 20km before the chase led them to a farm.

The police was trying to arrest the man when when a herd of cows appeared and proceeded to surround the suspect’s car, thus trapping him and allowing the police to arrest the fugitive successfully.

Shortly after, the Baron County Sheriff’s Department had shared a post on Facebook to thank the other police units for helping them, while also giving a special shoutout to the herd of cows who also played a part in the arrest.

Interestingly enough, the incident took place on the first day of June Dairy Month, which is an annual celebration to honour farmers for the dairy foods they produce. Though perhaps this year, the county should start honouring the hard work of the cows instead.


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