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Man In China Inserts Live Eel Up His Butt To Treat Constipation But It Almost Killed Him

Of all the weird remedies to cure constipation, this man from Xinghua, China decided to use the most bizarre method by inserting a live, 7.9-inch eel into his rectum, which in return almost killed him. Apparently, this method was supposedly an effective folk remedy for constipation by those living in the region, but it was never medically certified by a professional.

According to Mashable, the eel that was inserted into his rectum decided to slither upwards, bit his colon, and entered his abdomen. What’s surprising is, the man decided to wait a day before finally visiting a doctor who immediately worked to remove the eel out of his system. Just saying, the eel was very much still alive and slithering in his body. Yikes!

The doctor who performed the operation on the Chinese man mentioned that the extraction was done right on time to save the man’s life. The bacteria in the man’s large intestines could have caused hemolysis, which destroys red blood cells within the man’s abdominal cavity.

That said, this wasn’t the first “eel” incident that was reported. Back in 2017 and 2020, 2 men decided to use the same methods to treat their constipation. Of course, they both failed. Please consult a doctor before trusting any dangerous home remedies, you’ll never know what could actually happen.


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