• Jonathan Shiek

Man In China Grills Meat With Lamborghini Exhaust, Ends Up Paying RM323,000 For Car Repair

People are willing to do all kinds of strange things these days just to get their five minutes of fame. Just look at this man in Hunan, China who found himself paying 500,000 Yuan (RM323,000) in car repair fees, all because he was trying to barbecue skewered meat using his Lamborghini’s exhaust.

In a viral video, a group of men were shown to be gathering around an orange Lamborghini in an underground car park, when one of them decided to use the flames from the exhaust to barbecue a skewered piece of meat. While the car owner was in the front seat revving up his Lamborghini, his friend was squatting behind the car holding up the meat to the exhaust pipe.

It was all laughs and games until the car started oozing white smoke while orange coolant was leaking under the vehicle. As Lamborghinis tend to overheat when one continuously hits the throttle while parked, the vehicle’s malfunction was said to be caused by a cracked radiator due to the engine overheating.

Eventually, the Lamborghini had to be towed away with a tow truck. But luckily, the car owner seemed to be cool with the situation as he was said to be laughing and joking with his friends as they push the car onto the tow truck – life sure is nice when you’re rich!


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