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Man In Cheras Accused Of Animal Abuse For Selling His Cats To Buy A New Cat For Breeding

In a Facebook post by the Malaysia Animal Association, a food seller in Cheras was found to be selling his two pet cats by the side of the road at Bandar Sri Permaisuri. The action was immediately met with criticism from netizens who accused the man of animal abuse for leaving his cats in their cages under the scorching heat.

The seller was seen putting up a sign which stated the breed of the cats, their age and sex, as well as the asking price of RM800 each. When a user reached out to the seller asking if they could get a discount of RM1,000 for both cats, the seller responded that he was only selling the white cat, but it was on a first come first serve basis.

That’s not all, apparently the man’s reasoning for selling the cat was because he wanted to use the money to buy a new female cat for breeding with his other male cat. Naturally, netizens were appalled by the man’s lack of concern for his pet’s wellbeing, and many users had urged the public not to buy from this irresponsible seller.

Sadly, it was learned that the cat has been bought, hopefully by someone who knows how to take better care of it. Regardless, users were reminded that if anyone were to encounter the same situation, it’s best to report it to the authorities to prevent sellers like these from repeating the same offence.

In their post, the Malaysia Animal Association also reminded members of the public that selling pets without concern for animal welfare is considered to be a crime in Malaysia, that includes if the cat is ill, has underlying health conditions, is exposed to dangerous conditions like hot weather, rain or accidents, and if it’s kept in a cage too small for its size.


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