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Man In Australia With Needle Phobia Got Hypnotised To Get His Covid-19 Jab

Many who suffer trypanophobia, which is the fear of needles, were probably afraid that they could never take the Covid-19 vaccine. But this man from Australia found a way to conquer that fear by getting help from a hypnotherapist.

Alex Rosales explained to the media that his needle phobia stemmed from the time he and his father were tortured with needles during a military coup in his native country. According to the 57-year-old man, he attempted to get the jab but could not follow through whenever the nurse approaches him with a needle.

"I want to be around my family, for years to come. Secondly, because I want Australia to move on. We all need to pull together, vaccinate, and get the country open again," he said.

Rosales eventually found hypnotherapist, Mark Stephens, who explained the process which involves retraining Rosales' mind to prevent him from experiencing panic attacks when in contact with a needle. After a 2-hour session, Rosales said that he felt confident about getting vaccinated.

Finally, Rosales successfully gotten his jab and mentioned that he didn't realise he had been jabbed until he was informed by the staff members.


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