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Man From China Is The First Blind Asian To Scale Mount Everest

A 46-year-old Chinese man has proven to everyone that being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams by being the first blind Asian person to climb Mount Everest. While he is the first blind person in Asia to have climber the world highest peak, Zhang Hong is also the third in the world to have scaled the mountain. That’s amazing!

Credit: Twitter Zhang_Hong_76

Zhang Hong took 3 days of grueling climbing alongside guides and Sherpas, he even took his journey to Twitter to share his story. That said, this is not the end for the blind mountaineer, he added that he plans to conquer the Seven Summits, which are the highest peaks of the world’s seven continents.

I summited Everest! I would like to thank my family, my guides, the folks at Fokind Hospital, and @asiantrekking who have been extremely supportive of my journey. This is only the beginning as I would like to climb the #SevenSummits #Everest2021 More pictures coming soon! — Blind Mountaineer Zhang Hong 张洪 (@Zhang_Hong_76) May 25, 2021

Seeing that he already conquered the highest one out of the seven, it looks quite probable that he can manage to cross the others off his list. Zhang Hong, originated from Chongqing, lost his vision at a young age of 21 due to glaucoma, but thankfully that didn’t discourage him from climbing the world’s tallest mountain.

“No matter if you’re disabled or normal, whether you have lost your eyesight or you have no legs or hands, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a strong mind,” said Zhang during an interview with Reuters. “You can always complete a thing that other people say you can’t.”


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