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Man Finally Takes Chinese SPM Paper After Delaying For 21 Years

39 year old Malaysian, finally got to sit for his Chinese SPM paper after having skipped it multiple times for the past 21 years. He finally took it on 15 March, and fulfilled his long time dream.

Apparently, Wong Yong Geng did not sign up for the paper back when he was in secondary school but he decided to fully complete his SPM by registering for the Chinese paper when he was in university. Wong was so determined that he paid the exam fee and even borrowed books from his classmates to study for it! Sadly, the SPM exam date clashed with his university exam so he had to skip out on it.

In 2007, Wong signed up for the paper again after graduating from his Master’s degree programme. Another unfortunate event happened, he could not apply for leave from his company as they also arranged for him to attend an important course. Wong had to sit out on the SPM paper again! He then signed up AGAIN for the third time in 2020 but it was postpone due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally on 15 March 2021, Wong managed to take an unpaid leave just to sit for the Chinese SPM paper. This is what he had to say after fulfilling his long time dream:

“I am fulfilling my dream of 21 years. I do not encourage others to sit for the paper at my age, but they should be sitting for the paper when they are much younger.”

Congratulations Wong! After hard work, perseverance, and determination, he has fully completed his SPM.


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