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Man Divorces Wife & Claims He Was Deceived After Seeing Her Without Makeup For The First Time

It's always recommended to see all sides of your partner before taking the next step into marriage, but this man from Egypt clearly did not. He reportedly divorced his wife after seeing her barefaced for the first time.

Just about a month ago, the man and woman both said 'I do', and he woke up to his wife without any makeup the next morning. Next thing, he proceeded to file a lawsuit at the family court, claiming his wife had deceived him with her looks.

"I was deceived by her as she used to apply heavy makeup before marriage. She looks ugly without makeup," he said. Apparently, the man met his wife through Facebook, where he was captivated by her beautiful pictures.

He decided to propose to her after meeting her only several times, as you guessed it, with a full face of makeup during every meet up. "But after the wedding I saw her real face without makeup. I was shocked... as she looks nothing like the person I met several times before marriage. I saw her pictures on Facebook, she looks totally different when she does not wear makeup. I was deceived and want to divorce her," he added.

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