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Man Claiming He Is Negative Shows Up At PPV Despite Family Tested Covid-19 Positive

Recently, there was a case of a Malaysian woman going to the vaccination centre before receiving her Covid-19 test results and ended up being Covid-19 positive. This really riled up the vaccination workers and the vaccine recipients that day. New day, new ignorance, a woman shared in an Instagram post about coming close to an individual who came to his vaccine appointment despite living with family members that are Covid-19 positive.

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Aina Liza Tan Mutalib mentioned that she was waiting for her jab on 4 July at the Setia City Convention Centre in Shah Alam when she heard a man who sat 1m away from her tell a volunteer that his family is infected with Covid-19. Even the volunteer was surprised, “Eh, your whole family is positive? Where are they?”

“At home,” the man replied the volunteer.

“Abang, then where did you come from? Are you staying under the same roof as your Covid-19 family?”

“Ya, I’m staying with them lah.” -The confidence in this man…

After overhearing the conversation, Aina started moving away from her seat while still hearing the volunteer continue questioning the man.

“How in the world are you here? Abang, you’re a close contact, right? You can’t be here,” the volunteer explains.

You’re going to hear the most ignorant thing anyone can ever say during a pandemic that has lasted us over a year now. “But I’m negative. The doctor said I’m negative. That means I can leave the house,” the man replied. After trying to reason with the man, the volunteer ran off and came back with 4 officers to explain further to the man why he cannot be present at the vaccination centre.

Sadly, the man still did not get the memo after rounds and rounds of explaining why he needs to leave. Aina told SAYS, “He was just ignorant. He was not aggressive. I think he wanted to feel safe against his family. I believe he didn’t realise that by being outside he could infect others.”

Please be very vigilant during the Covid-19 pandemic times, the frontliners are already exhausted and we should do the bare minimum of staying home and following SOPs. If you are in a house with anyone infected with Covid-19, please quarantine yourself!


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