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Man Calls Police ‘Gangster’ After Being Confronted For Not Wearing Mask At Petrol Statio

In a viral video on Twitter, a man was shown to be engaging in a heated confrontation with a police officer after he was held up by the latter for refusing to wear a face mask at a petrol station. The video was believed to have originated from the man, Alyf Malik’s Facebook Live, where he tried to stream the encounter to prove that he was being “bothered (kacau)” by the police.

“I’m being held up by the police for not wearing a mask. I’m just at a gas station and still, I’m getting bothered (kena kacau),” said Alyf while handing his IC to the police officer, “I didn’t even bother anyone, I just went to the front, I didn’t even enter the store.”

Satu kejadian seorang lelaki enggan guna pelitup muka di premis awam kemudian bertengkar dengan polis, minta kad pengenalan polis tak fasal-fasal, kemudian tuduh anggota tu samseng. Lokasi tak diketahui. Eloklah kalau kena kompaun. — Mohammad Faeez Harith |🏴 🇵🇸🤝🇲🇾🏴| (@H_Bakkaniy) July 20, 2021

Alyf then proceeded to confront the police officer, demanding to see his IC instead. When the police officer finally walked away with his IC in hand, Alyf boldly asked “Are you a police or a gangster? Why did you want to take my phone and not let me record?”

In a following video, Alyf also revealed that he does not want to take the vaccine because it isn’t good, “I’m not taking it, I’ve done tons of research, I’m not like the other blind followers, I studied a lot.”

Eventually, Alyf was asked to sign a document before he got his IC back. But the whole time, he wasn’t done talking. “I’m just an ordinary citizen, I didn’t bother anyone. I work a proper job, I’m not a gangster. I studied at a university, I’m not stupid,” he said.

Since the video went viral, Twitter netizens were criticising Alyf for being rude to the police who were trying to perform their duty. On top of that, many users also listed down his offences, not only was he not wearing a face mask, he also demanded to see the policeman’s IC, referred to the cops as gangsters, and he’s an anti-vaxxer!

However, several screenshots of the comments underneath Alyf’s original Facebook Live seemed to show that most Facebook users were on his side, as they criticise the police for behaving like “gangsters” and fining him.

Whose side of the story are you on?

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