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Man Borrowed 8 Oxygen Tanks To Save 80-Yr-Old Mum With Covid-19, But He Was Also Infected

Credits: Lee Khuan Chor (Facebook)

When he found out his 80-year-old mother had contracted Covid-19, a 40-year-old man in Johor tried his very best to save his ailing mother by reportedly borrowing eight oxygen cylinders for her. Unfortunately, his attempts weren't successful, and he was also infected in the process.

It was believed that the old woman first contracted the virus at a vaccination centre. Although her symptoms were initially mild, she started having trouble breathing, which prompted her son to seek oxygen cylinders to ease her condition.

According to Johor politician Lee Khuan Chor, the man named Soon had first called him early in the morning on 8 September, almost "begging" for his help to lend an oxygen cylinder for his mother. Lee and his team managed to send Soon two 10-litre oxygen cylinders and one additional small oxygen tank but sadly, Soon's mother had succumbed to the virus and passed away two days later.

To make things worse, Soon himself was also infected with the virus, most likely when he was busy caring for his mother. Soon has since been hospitalised but it's said that his condition is deteriorating. Writing on Facebook, Lee urges his followers to pray for Soon, so here's to hoping that Soon will have a speedy recovery!


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