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Man Applies For Interstate Travel Permit, Lists Reason As ‘To Catch My Wife Cheating’

Due to the tightened restrictions in lockdown, Malaysians are banned from travelling interstate unless for reasons that are absolutely necessary like a medical emergency or in this man’s case, a marital crisis.

A viral photo on Twitter by user Aiman Afiq showed an application form for interstate travel permit, with the reason listed as “tangkap bini bercinta (to catch my wife cheating)”. Naturally, netizens were losing their mind at the news, with many questioning if it was a prank. But believe it or not, it is 100% real, and better yet, the application was approved by the police!

Haa awak nak rentas negeri sebab apa ni? Nak tangkap bini bercinta ni bang. Ni real ya, surat kawan aku sendiri ni dia share. *dah mintak izin owner untuk post, lepas dah setel tu dia nampak lebih tenang. — Aiman Afiq. (@AimanAfiq_s) June 26, 2021

According to Aiman, who got the owner’s permission to publish the letter on Twitter, the incident happened to his friend who had no choice but to cross state borders in order to confront his cheating wife. Needless to say, his friend was probably furious but thankfully, Aiman revealed that he appeared to have calmed down after the incident.

In a following tweet, Aiman also explained that he will update the story when things have settled down in court. But for now, the man’s priority is focused on his children, whom he has not seen in a very long time. Aiman also hoped that netizens would pray for his friend to gain custody of his kids after the couple get a divorce.


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