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Malaysians Will Need To Take On-Arrival Antigen Rapid Test When Entering Singapore

As the new discovery of a heavily mutated Covid-19 variant B.1.1.529, named 'Omnicron' recently surfaced, the Singapore government decided to announce a compulsory requirement for all land tourists coming from Malaysia. According to the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Malaysians travelling via the land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) will need to take an on-arrival Antigen Rapid Test (ART).

This new requirement will begin 8am on Monday, 29 November. These tests will be carried out at the Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange and Queen Street Terminal. Tourists will be required to make an e-payment for the test at the centre directly.

"The on-arrival ART will allow us to reduce the risks of spread of B.1.1.529 to Singapore, and enable us to progressively expand the land VTL in a safe and calibrated manner," MTI said. The land VTL that was recently confirmed can only be accessed with designated VTL bus services by citizens, permanent residents, or long-term pass holders.

According to SAYS, there will only be 32 bus trips each way per day between Malaysia and Singapore. Each bus will only be carrying a maximum capacity of 45 passengers per trip, allowing a total of 1,440 travellers into each country a day.


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