• Jonathan Shiek

Malaysians Start #Benderaputih Movement On Social Media For Those In Need Of Food And Essentials

The pandemic has really taken a toll on everyone and it is only getting worse by the day. People are losing jobs, closing businesses, getting mentally distressed and depressed, even people from M40 are reported falling into the B40 category because of the Covid-19 pandemic. To take things into action, Malaysians started the #benderaputih movement on social media for those in need of food and essentials as a cry for help without the need to beg.

I’m sure you’ve came across the image that is being shared around Twitter and Instagram, the said image had visuals of 3 flags and a clear message to “Raise a white flag at your home if you need help with food and essentials. Do not make any moves that will hurt you and your loved ones. Avoid stress. No need to beg or be humiliated. Just fly a white flag.”

The heartwarming initiative was slowly being spread out all over social media, creating a movement that allows people to reach out for help and support without confining themselves to all the stress and household burdens. So, why a white flag? White flags are traditionally symbolised as an indication of defeat or surrender, but it should not be taken that way. Instead, flags are also being used to signal distress which is what the movement was trying to go for.

I highly support this movement, and encourage you to spread word to those in need. Together #kitajagakita!


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