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Malaysians Go Black On Social Media To Show Support For Contract Doctors

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all doctors have worked tirelessly without rest. But instead of having their efforts recognised by the government, young contract doctors in this country have found themselves suffering at the hands of this contract employment system that gives them little pay raise, allowances and non-pay leave, all of which are only available to doctors with permanent positions.

To make things worse, contract doctors also do not get to pursue a Master’s degree for specialisation. “People just want to know what it takes for them to become a permanent doctor and to be able to specialise. It’s a very simple request but the government has not revealed anything, so they quit and move to the private sector,” said an unnamed doctor to Free Malaysia Today.

As a result, the Code Black campaign organised by the Malaysian Medical Association’s Section for House Officers, Medical Officers and Specialists (MMA Schomos) is encouraging people to go black from 1 to 12 July to stand in solidarity with contract doctors. Individuals are urged to dress in black attire and switch to monochromatic profile pictures on their social media accounts as a sign of support.

On top of that, MMA Schomos also posted about the Black Monday movement which happens on 12 July, where users are encouraged to hold a placard saying “We stand with Contract Healthcare Workers” and post pictures on social media with the hashtags #saveMYcontractHCW, #CodeBlackMY and #BlackMondayMY, to show support for contract doctors to receive better employment benefits.

Credits: MMA Schomos

Since both initiatives were posted this week, the Code Black and Black Monday movements have received tremendous support from netizens across social media, many of whom agree that contract doctors deserve to be treated fairly, with better benefits and opportunities to further their career in the government sector.


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